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Mijn Facebook kleurt. Overal viert de regenboog hoogtij. De wereld is in rep en roer. Het belangrijkste land van de wereld is voor het homo-huwelijk. Een heuglijke dag die ook in Nederland tot veel tevredenheid leidt. Maar zonder dat ik ontken dat het natuurlijk prachtig is dat Amerika eindelijk normaal gaat doen, wil ik nog wel een kanttekening plaatsen. Column door Kalle Brüsewitz. Lees meer

Obama supports same-sex marriage


President Obama’s personal expression of support for same-sex marriage on ABC is sure to galvanize a new wave of gay rights activism across the country. It’s a heady moment—where might it lead?

by Alana Yu-lan Price

The vibrant coalitions that developed this year in North Carolina, where activists fought simultaneously against a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and against anti-immigrant and anti-worker legislation, offer a vision for a more expansive and radically engaged form of LGBT organizing than the narrower struggles for marriage equality that have dominated the activist landscape in recent years. It’s a model that I hope organizers in other states will look to in this moment of renewed energy.Even though the majority of North Carolina voters cast ballots in favor of the anti-gay amendment, which was worded so broadly that it could threaten domestic partnership protections for all couples, the fight against the measure has offered a sense of the sort of multi-issue coalitions that, if replicated on a national scale, could bring about significant social transformations. Before writing off the North Carolina struggle as a total defeat, it’s worth watching this video of North Carolina activists discussing all that was built and won, despite the loss (click below to watch the video):


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