Confessing in the spirit of liberal Christianity

Lecture by prof.dr Johan F. Goud
Utrecht, April 20, 2005

1. What does it actually mean: to confess your faith?

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The diaconal meaning of the church

Lecture by Rev. Mrs. T. Geels

“A church is diaconal or she is not.” This is a remarkable start of a short lecture about the diaconal meaning of the church.
Although the church is male in her organisation, with a long patriarchal tradition;
she is female in her essence, a body of mercy. With care for those who lost their way in life. Sharing in love, searching for wholeness and happyness.
This female origin of the church is, with a male sturcture of organisation, rooted in the old Jewish tradition of the Bible.

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The recognition of gay and lesbian relationships in the remonstrans church and in the Dutch society

Paper presented at the European Forum of Gay and Lesbian Christian Groups ‘Living in Commitments’, Heemskerk, 3 May 2003 by Wibren van der Burg

I feel very happy, honoured and proud to be at this conference. It is a great pleasure for me as a gay man to speak to such a large audience of gays and lesbians. I am honoured as a representative of the Remonstrants to be invited to talk about our experiences with blessing ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples. And I am also proud that our small church made a contribution to the struggle for equal rights for gays and lesbians, as we were in 1986 the first church in Europe to officially recognize such ceremonies.

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